What to do in case of...


How to behave in case of flood:

    • After emergency signal immediately leave the zone of possible flood and move to more safe region;
    • Take along with you food, water, medicines and all necessary things for the period of several days;
    • Go registration at the relevant evacuation points;
    • Pets are to be evacuated too;
    • If you have a chance to move you valuables to the top floor do it immediately;
    • Beat the boards to the external side of the windows and doors of the ground floor.

In case of unexpected flood:

    • Immediately move to the raised place;
    • If you are in water, at the moment of nearing of the wave deeply dive at its base and after some period of time dive out;
    • If you are in water try to get rid of heavy clothes and shoes; via swimming or using swimming equipment move towards the dry place;
    • Be attentive towards the things on the surface of the water in order to avoid traumas;
    • Before the arrival of the rescue group try to get to the top floor of the building (roof, trees and other places);
    • Constantly transfer emergency signals: in daytime wave with well visible clothes, but at night use light signals.



How to behave in case of landslide:

Upon receiving the signal on possibility of landslide:

    • Turn off the natural gas, electric equipment and water supply system;
    • Prepare to the immediate evacuation;
    • If during the period of 24 hours the movement of a landslide exceeds 0,5 – 1 meters, evacuation should be performed immediately;
    • While evacuation you should take your documents and things of first necessity (food, clothes and etc.)



How to act in case of mudflow:

    • Upon receiving emergency signal on nearing of the mudflow stream or hearing some special noise it is necessary to move from the lowland (water drain) to the height of 50 – 100 meters;
    • According to the preliminary established evacuation plan try to perform evacuation to the safe place;
    • Remember, it is almost impossible to rescue a person got in a mudflow.



How to behave in case of earthquake:

    • if the earthquake is weak do not be frightened, it is better to stay where you are;
    • if in case of more heavy earthquake you are in the building:
    • immediately leave the building via staircase or through the windows;
    • if you are on the second and upper floors do not try to leave the building;
    • do not use the elevator\lift;
    • stay at the inner wall of the corner, at the doorway or at the strong\rod post;
    • if the building is old and the walls are unsafe climb under the bed or table;
    • do not use the matches;

If you are in the street:

    • go to the open place far from the buildings and power line;
    • do not stay on the bridge or under it.



How to behave if you got in an avalanche zone:

    • pay attention to the change of the weather;
    • while going to the mountain you should know the possible avalanche zones of your routine;
    • you should avoid places where there is the possibility of an avalanche;
    • the most dangerous avalanche periods are the fine and worm days of spring and summer.

How should we act in case of an avalanche?

    • Immediately leave the dangerous place and move to more safe one or shelter the rock;
    • If you can not escape from an avalanche put down your luggage, take the horizontal position with your head towards the direction of the avalanche;
    • Try to tightly hold your legs and touch stomach with your knees (take the shape of the snowball).

How to act if you have got in an avalanche:

    • With the aim of protection of breathing organs, cover your face with gloves, scarf or collar;
    • Try to stay on the surface of an avalanche and via movements of your hands move towards the edge of an avalanche;
    • After an avalanche has stopped try to create space around your body that will make it much more easier for you to breath;
    • Try to find out where is the surface of the ground and move upwards;
    • Protect your forces, oxygen and worm and try not to be asleep;
    • Do not shout, snow completely suppresses your voice;
    • Remember that you are searched.